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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

YouTube Tuesdays

Edit: Welcome all from woot.com! Be sure to check out other posts from my blog after you're done watching these videos.

Welcome to another edition of YouTube Tuesdays, where I post my five favorite YouTube videos from the past week. Here they are:

1. Look Around You - Maths
Absolutely hilarious parody of those 80s educational videos. Click on the video to see other entries in the series, including Water, Germs, Music, Iron, and the Brain.

2. Colbert making fun of morning news
Stephen Colbert strikes back against morning news shows after they bash his program. I think the Colbert Report has finally overtaken the Daily Show.

3. Mansion Video
This video actually makes me sick to my stomach. Not because there is anything gruesome or gory, but because I keep thinking of what they could have done with the money they used to build this place.

4. Ultimate Utopia XXIII
A live action version of a Final Fantasy game. Very clever with some nice special effects. I loved the heads up display.

5. Dead Rising extended ad
I'm a huge fan of the stuck-in-a-mall-and-you-must-survive genre - my favorite episode of 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?' is The Tale of the Pinball Wizard. I think it's the fusion of the mundane with the extraordinary that really piques my interest.

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