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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wii news and updates

Here are some interesting articles I've found regarding the Wii:

Ultimate Wii Rumor Compilation - The breakdown of every Wii rumor to hit the internet since 2004.

Wiiva La Revolution
- Chronicles the history and eventual downfall of previous motion-sensing controllers. I'm really expecting the Wii to come out on top, but as the author states, "history shows that each time something like this has been attempted – each time claiming to be revolutionary and industry-changing, much like the Wii – it has failed to catch on because of inaccurate hardware, the same problem that plagued Wii prototype hardware."

Midway and Ubisoft Up Wii Support - This is great news for the Wii. Gamecube 3rd party support wasn't exactly stellar so this is nice to see companies joining right off the bat.

Excite Truck controls - For those interested in seeing how this successor to ExciteBike is played.

Sadness Concept Art - Another mysterious image is released regarding this highly anticipated game.

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