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Monday, August 07, 2006

Movie Review: 11:14

This film focuses on a number of interconnecting events that occur one night around 11:14 PM. Each section of the film presents one character's point of view. With the revelation of each new substory, you can see how the decisions that each person has made affected everyone else in the film. Most of the dilemmas facing the characters deal with how to handle a crime - should they cover it up or tell the truth about what happened? Everyone chooses the former and this is what spins the events out of control. A fun film to watch, you begin to pick up how each person's actions have altered the outcome of events and continually need to re-evaluate what you have already seen based on new information. The screenwriter chose carefully when and how to release each piece of the puzzle, and this is what drives the story to a satisfying conclusion.

If you liked this film, I recommend seeing Crash, Pulp Fiction, and Go.

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