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Friday, July 21, 2006

Nobody's Watching picked up by NBC

From Digg: "According to Cynopsis, NBC will announce today that it has ordered six episodes of Nobody's Watching, a series initially rejected by the WB that found a new life on YouTube." YouTube has gained an amazing amount of power in such a short time. Like I said in my previous post about one episode TV shows gaining popularity, I'm not sure if reviving them is a good idea. I do like the fact that they are going with the (relatively) low budget approach, with each episode costing them less than $1 million to make. Hopefully this lack of funds spurs more creativity into the show since they will somehow have to compete with everyone else. Even though I don't have high expectations, I'm rooting for this to really turn into something amazing because this may lead networks to ask the viewers what shows they want aired instead of their executives. With broadband access to the internet widely available, I think the decision making behind TV programming should be handed over to the viewers.

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* Added: Good post at The Computer Vet Weblog


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