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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Nintendo News

Here's some news updates and other articles that I have found (some from digg) regarding Nintendo:

Wii Home Page - The Wii's official site. Check out all of the controller and system features if you haven't kept up to date.

Wii Launch Revealed? - Over at Joystiq.com they have evidence suggesting that Wii will launch this October.

Wii Soothsayer - In the Dec. 1991 issue Nintendo Power, Jimmy Peterford's dream system is capable of playing video games from every system (virtual console), and get this... it would come with the game Super Mario Galaxy.

Possible Region-Free Wii? - Explains why making the Wii region-free is a benefit to both the consumer and Nintendo.

Sadness - A preview of the black and white Victorian-era horror game. Although there is not much info to reveal, they do state that there will be no heads-up display - their focus is going to be making this game as realistic as possible.

Mario's Skills as a Plumber - Funny article questioning if Mario really has expertise as a plumber.

Weta's Tribute to Nintendo - Weta Workshop's "Tripod" structure contains an N64 controller and a gameboy in its design.

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