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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Keith Schofield - Music Videos for Geeks

Keith Schofield has a knack for creating captivating music videos that incorporate some facet of geekdom. Here's the breakdown of three videos (Quicktime required) that he's directed:

Hard 'N Phirm - "Pi"
My personal favorite out of all of his videos. It cleverly incorporates a song about the number Pi with a parody of the public broadcast children's show "Zoom". The setup before the song begins is hilarious - it treats itself as if it was an actual public broadcast show and it nails the humor dead on. The song itself is pretty catchy as well - much better than any song I could have imagined that deals with a mathematical constant. At some points the actual digits are sang to a tune (the video portrays it as a robot's recitation) and it still sounds cool. Another notable moment includes a breakdown into a rap that takes a step out of the show's studio and into the street where the rapper makes up a story using Pi's digits (backwards and forwards).

DJ Format - "3 Feet Deep"
This presents the rap "3 Feet Deep" as the creation of two rappers playing an arcade game. Armed with orange plastic mics hooked up to the machine, they have make up the rap on the fly according to the on screen challenges in order to earn points. For example, at one point a word bank appears on the screen and one of the rappers must incorporate all of the words into his continuously flowing rap. Even though the commands given by the game are obviously written specifically for this rap, it's fun to imagine a game like this actually existing (and for players to be this good at it) . There is also a 'twist' at the end which makes the whole video that much cooler.

Wintergreen - "When I Wake Up"
The video chronicles the rise and fall of the infamous Atari game "E.T.". The shots cut between members of Wintergreen playing the game on a living room couch, title cards telling the story of the game, and the band traveling to the burial site of the cartridges. This is not one of Schofield's best efforts, in that the music doesn't really fit too well with the subject matter that the video deals with. Although it's still fun to watch, it's not a spectacular example of what can be accomplished with the fusion of images and sound.

You can check out the rest of his videos on his home page: http://www.keithschofield.com/. Post other music videos you've found dealing with 'geeky' subjects in the comments section.


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