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Monday, July 31, 2006

Free Music Mondays

Here's the free, legal music downloads for the week, featuring Sunspot, the Wisconsin band that "blend[s] the best and most passionate ingredients of punk, alternative, and metal to create an intense rock and roll cocktail". The trio consisting of Ben Jaeger (guitars/vocals), Mike Huberty (bass/vocals), and Wendy Lynn Staats (drums/vocals) have combined to create some amazing tunes. Here are the tracks (+ indicates my favorites, right click link and choose 'save as' to download):

* The Breach
* Scott Bakula +
* Summer Day +
* When the Revolution Comes +
* Prozac Girl +
* Pretend
* Bonus: Interview mp3 from 1/16/05 on WJJO (haven't listened to it)

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Blogger capecodjewel said...

I just listened to about a third of "Prozacgirl", and I had to stop it. No offense, but it's awful... ending a line with the word "prozac" is like an axe to the head.

*the previous comment was made by someone presently taking prozac, and should in no way be taken with less than one spoonful of sugar, to help the medicine go down.

8:02 AM

Blogger fakeapassion said...

Haha well thanks for your honest opinion capecodjewel. I guess what I liked most about that song was the message that it was sending.

8:31 AM


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