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Monday, July 24, 2006

Free Music Mondays: Millencolin

Every Monday I'll post a band's music that you can (legally) download for free. First up: the Swedish punk rock group Millencolin, consisting of Nikola Sarcevic (vocals, bass), Mathias Farm (guitar), Erik Ohlsson (guitar), and Fredrik Larzon (drums). Formed in 1992, the band has released six full length albums over the past 14 years, including two absolute must-haves: Life on a Plate and Pennybridge Pioneers. Their music style has evolved over the years, with albums shifting from ska, to punk, to rock, and recently back to a more punk sound. The band has plans to record a new album as early as winter 2006.

Here are the tracks (+ indicates recommended):

The Melancholy Collection (a collection of early EPs and b-sides)
* Nosepicker
* Coolidge (cover of The Descendents)
* Vixen +

Same Old Tunes
* Mr. Clean +
* Chiquita Chaser
* Da Strike

Life On A Plate
* Bullion +
* Killercrush
* The Story of My Life

For Monkeys
* Random I Am
* Twenty Two +

Pennybridge Pioneers
* No Cigar +
* Fox
* Material Boy
* Penguins & Polarbears +

Home From Home
* Man or Mouse
* Kemp +
* Fuel to the Flame

* Biftek Supernova +
* Ray

Also, be sure to check out the Live Music section of MillencolinArt.com. It has some great live mp3's and videos. For more info on the band check out their home page and their Wikipedia entry. Note that as I post this both MillencolinArt and their official site are down, but hopefully they will be back up soon.

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