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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Desktop Background / Wallpaper

The wallpaper of your computer may be one of the first things you alter after getting a new computer (or, unfortunately, after you need to reinstall an operating system). I like a desktop background to be simple in design because I don't want it to be a distraction when I am trying to find an icon on the desktop. However, I still prefer it to be more interesting to look at than a solid color or a tiled pattern. They also have to have a high enough resolution so that they don't need to be stretched out and distorted. As a personal preference, I also like a darker colors over light.

The image to the right is the background I currently have on my computer. It is predominately only two colors (black and dark blue) but the outline of the treetops and the sun rescue it from appearing too plain. Other wallpapers included with Windows XP that I previously used include 'Stonehenge' and 'Red moon desert'. Both of these manage to be pleasing to look at without appearing too busy as to be distracting.

Here are some resources for free desktop wallpaper:
* Wikipedia featured desktop backgrounds - These are images that have been selected as some of the best on Wikipedia that are also large enough (and have an appropriate aspect ratio) to be used as wallpaper.
* Caedes Desktop Background - You are sure to find something you like here. I believe this is where I found the wallpaper that I currently use, although I have been unable to find it again.

Also, have you ever wondered where the default Windows XP background came from? The image is called Bliss and was shot in Napa Valley, CA. Read more about it in its Wikipedia article.

What do you look for in a desktop background? Have a favorite place to get them for free? Be sure to post about it in the comments.

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