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Monday, July 17, 2006

Caché (Hidden) Review and Comments

Caché (Hidden) is the story of a family who finds strange video tapes left on the doorstep of their house. While the police refuse to intervene because no crime has been committed, the father eventually traces the tapes to a person he remembers from his early childhood. The continuing series of events creates conflicts between the husband and wife, the parents and their child, and the father and the person he discovers from his past.

Despite having only two scenes gruesome in nature, the director manages to elicit a feeling of uneasiness throughout the entire film. The extremely long takes combined with no musical score creates a tense atmosphere that makes the few violent scenes in the film all the more nerveracking.

The ending of the film leaves many issues open to interpretation. Although more definitive answers would have been appreciated, it's always interesting to try to piece together theories of your own and to hear others' ideas as well. In regards to this, I highly recommendd looking at web sites after viewing the film to read what other people have thought up. The very last scene of the film contains something that can be very easily missed but changes the entire meaning of the story. If I had not researched the film online after viewing it, I never would have picked up on it. In the end, the actual plot of the film matters much less than the themes and issues it attempts to tackle (the nature of hiding things, the relationship between Algerians and the French, etc.).

This is a must-see for anyone who wants something different from a standard movie-going experience and doesn't mind having to put some work into understanding the deeper layers of the story.

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