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Monday, July 17, 2006

Ben Stiller's HEAT VISION AND JACK Pilot! (and other one pilot shows)

Here's the description from digg.com about Heat Vision and Jack:
"Quite possibly the funniest pilot. Ever! Ben Stiller created and directed this show in 1999. It starred Jack Black as the smartest man alive who travels around with a talking motorcycle, voiced by Owen Wilsion. Meanwhile, actor Ron Silver hunts down the pair. Hilarious."

I remember seeing this a few months ago, posted on a site other than digg. It was interesting to watch, but I honestly didn't find it very funny. I think most of the appeal comes from it involving well known stars (Stiller, Wilson, Black) and its limited production (one episode) rather than it actually being a show that people would tune into every week. The same goes for shows in which only the pilot exists, such as Lookwell (featuring Adam West; some clever moments) and Nobody's Watching (I like the concept, but I don't know how much content they could make). People praise these shows for being ingenious but I don't think they would have the 'wow' factor if they were actally picked up and made a season's worth of episodes.

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